Everyone wants to sell his or her home for a profit. Because we specialize in the craft of selling, we have some tips and tricks to help you. Here you’ll find guides to staging your home, resources for learning the true value of your home, how to sell your home quickly and even how to flip a house.

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How to Sell Your Home Around the Holidays

The real estate market slows down during the holiday season for obvious reasons. Both buyers and sellers are spending their year-end funds on the perfect gifts and cross-country trips to spend time with family and friends. Some sellers even remove their homes from listings during this time so their holiday plans won’t be disrupted. While these homes are off the market, it could be the perfect time to put yours on it.

Time doesn’t stand still even for the holidays, and there are always people in need of a home regardless of the traditions of the season. Buyers looking during the holiday season tend to be serious buyers on a deadline, and fewer homes for sale will make yours really stand out. Plus, there is never a better time to play up the

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Bringing Listings to Life with Immersive, Interactive 3D Tours

At the Creig Northrop Team of Long & Foster, we are always looking for new ways to stay at the forefront of real estate technology and find tools to help our sellers engage buyers like never before.  Imagine being able to allow potential homebuyers to walk the rooms of your home from the comfort of their own couch, or from a laptop in a café, or even from their phone while having a picnic in a park. That technology is here, and the Northrop Team has it. We now offer 3D Showcase powered by Matterport – an immersive and interactive online experience that places buyers right into a home to explore. They can virtually walk every square foot and even engage with pop-ups showcasing home features that sellers want buyers to know about.

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What NOT to do when selling a home

When selling a home, you want a return on your investment. Most of us understand that to maximize our home’s value, we have to get it into tip-top shape to make it appealing. Of course you’ve gone through the process of cleaning up aesthetic issues like leaks and cracks, and you’ve cleaned and painted the exterior, and you think your home is ready to go on the market. Unfortunately, there are still some potential issues when it comes to selling your home.

In order to avoid these potential issues, here are some things you do NOT want to do when selling your home:

Don't List your home for too high a price.

Overpricing the home is the number one way to have it linger on the market for months on end. Trust the information your real estate

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How much is your home really worth?

Good question. And one that can’t truly be answered by any blog, article, or online calculator. Your home’s real worth isn’t a solid, predetermined monetary figure – it’s the amount someone is willing to pay for it. However, if we ask the right questions and utilize the proper resources, we can get as close as possible to the proper amount that your home will list for. It can be an excellent starting point as you begin the process of selling your home.

Take this quiz to see how much you know about determining your home’s worth:

1. Which one of these numbers will provide your home’s exact worth?

a. value of your neighbor’s home
b. amount for which you originally purchased the home
c. homeowners insurance
d. property tax assessment

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Is it smart to sell my home on my own?

When selling your home, you have the option of doing it on your own. It’s your home and you’ve poured years of labor and love into it. You know all of its little quirks and charms, so why would you need to count on a real estate agent, someone who has never stepped foot into your home, to help you sell it?  The answer is in that very same question. A real estate agent doesn’t have the intimate knowledge and years of fond memories that you do--nobody will. And while they understand your warm feelings, they will leave emotions that can sometimes drag out a sale out of the process.  They will use hard market data and years of home selling experience to get you the best and most realistic closing price for your home. Not to mention how much easier

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Why is My Home Appraisal Lower Than I Estimated?

So you did all you could to get your home prepped and ready for the appraiser. You painted the walls, refinished the floors, fixed the leaky plumbing and crossed your fingers when the appraiser arrived. Then, your nightmare is realized – your appraisal is lower than you expected for a home like yours in your neighborhood. So how did this happen? There are two common culprits when it low appraisals.

Reasons for a Low Appraisal

There are two main reasons why an appraisal may come in lower than your expectations. When you find yourself in this situation, be sure to consider that:

  • Appraisers are more cautious than they have ever been. The housing market is in full recovery and that is in part due to more stringent appraisals. Just a few
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The Most Important Form in the Home Selling Process

Selling a home is official business with the involvement of banks, government entities, real estate professionals, and large sums of money. So it goes without saying that as a home seller, you’ll be heavily involved in the gathering, creating and signing of important legal documents. Some of them seem extraneous--like ones that officially grant access to your home by potential buyers, but all are necessary in the eyes of the law. A well-documented process ensures with law that the home sale is conducted in an ethical, civil and legal way.

However, no document is more important than the Property Disclosure Statement. It’s an official document fully disclosing the state the property--including its present condition and any work done in the

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Staging Your Home for a Quick Sale – Tips from a Pro

The difference between a home that lingers on the market for months and one that receives an offer the day it is listed could be something so simple, yet so vital – staging. While it is possible to sell a home “as is,” one that is deliberately staged can maximize its appeal and have the home off the market in no time.

Staging seems simple enough; clean up a bit, put a vase of flowers somewhere, fluff up the throw pillows, mow the grass, and you’re done! However, realtors and staging professionals have years of experience getting homes ready for showings. They know how to get inside the buyer’s mind and ensure they leave your home with a warm, positive feeling.

We asked Mary, one of our professional stagers at the Northrop Team, for some

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Simple Tricks to Make Your Home Look More Attractive to Buyers

Selling your home takes a lot of effort but often what it takes to sell your home is just some small changes to increase the "curb appeal" to prospective buyer. Here are 5 easy tips to sprucing up your home that are cheaper than any major home renovations or repairs.

1) Freshen Up

Make the best first impression on buyers as they step up to the front door and make them instantly fall in love with your home.

  • Give the front door and garage doors a fresh coat of paint with an inviting color like a warm tan, honey or soft gray.
  • Clean (or replace and update) light fixtures if needed.
  • Update any distressed door knockers or door handles.
  • Add freshly potted plants as a great
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Selling your late parent's house? Hire a good real estate agent

The sale of your parent’s house usually falls to you at an emotional time. The loss of a parent is difficult for anyone, and when compounded by the added pressure of handling their estate, it can feel downright crippling. There are numerous legalities involved with the sale of an inherited home. During this emotionally trying time, you will need support-- not just from family, but from a knowledgeable real estate agent who is familiar with these unique types of sales.

When a parent passes away, the home continues to accrue mortgage payments, utility bills and property taxes, so you’ll want to come up with a plan and act on it quickly. 

Carefully go through your parent’s belongings 

This sounds like a no-brainer, but the key word here is

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