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Published by Northrop Realty on Tue, Nov 22nd, 12:00 PM

The real estate market slows down during the holiday season for obvious reasons. Both buyers and sellers are spending their year-end funds on the perfect gifts and cross-country trips to spend time with family and friends. Some sellers even remove their homes from listings during this... READ MORE »

Published by Northrop Realty on Tue, May 10th, 12:00 PM

In the spring, as the green buds begin sprouting to liven up the fading winter landscape, so do new homes on the housing market. With spring comes an explosion of new listings as well as the clear, mild weather that motivates us to break out of the winter doldrums and get out there to... READ MORE »

Published by Northrop Realty on Fri, Oct 25th, 3:50 PM

Retirement is all about relaxation and spending time doing the things you love. Knowing this, it's important to live in a city that best suits your lifestyle. Whether you're wanting to spend your retirement on the golf course or near the big city, Maryland is filled with phenomenal... READ MORE »

Published by Northrop Realty on Mon, Jun 8th, 12:00 PM

Purchasing a good lot means leaving no stone unturned. There are many factors to consider beyond just the size and location. If the lot is in a planned subdivision, oftentimes there is a builder already attached to the property and the steps to making a lot build-ready would be... READ MORE »