How to Sell Your Home Around the Holidays

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016 at 12:00pm.

How to Sell Your Home Around the Holidays

The real estate market slows down during the holiday season for obvious reasons. Both buyers and sellers are spending their year-end funds on the perfect gifts and cross-country trips to spend time with family and friends. Some sellers even remove their homes from listings during this time so their holiday plans won’t be disrupted. While these homes are off the market, it could be the perfect time to put yours on it.

Time doesn’t stand still even for the holidays, and there are always people in need of a home regardless of the traditions of the season. Buyers looking during the holiday season tend to be serious buyers on a deadline, and fewer homes for sale will make yours really stand out. Plus, there is never a better time to play up the nostalgia and warmth of the season with proper holiday staging to really appeal to the emotions of buyers.

If you don’t have extravagant travel plans and want to take advantage of the unsaturated market, here are 5 tips to help you sell your home during the holidays:

1. Make sure your real estate agent will be local. 

Agents may have holiday plans too, so be sure your agent will be close by to help you through the home selling process if a buyer becomes interested.If your agent has plans to visit family away from your area, ask them to get you in touch with another agent they recommend. The holidays could get you in a giving mood, and you’ll need an agent to get you the best offer for your home.

2. Get your listing online.

The winter months can be serene and beautiful at times, but they can also be harsh. Biting cold and freezing rain can keep even the most dedicated homebuyers indoors for warmth and comfort. However, there are only so many holiday movies one person can take, so when a buyer inevitably reaches for the laptop to do a little home shopping, be sure your home is there to catch their eyes. Make sure your home is represented on all the major home listing sites, and it’s always a good idea to have professional photos taken of your home to enhance its online allure. When the icy conditions stop, you’ll have your home on their must-see list. When you look for a listing agent, ask them if they have staff that can help put your listing online!

3. Decorate, but don’t overdo it.

Homes never look as good and inviting as they do during the holidays due to the festive decorations we place with such love and care.But it’s that same love and care that can cause us to overdo it. Remember that you are trying to show off your home’s best features – not cover them up with. Cut the amount of decorations you set out in half this year to ensure your home doesn’t seem cluttered and smaller inside than it really is. And make sure the decorations you use accentuate your home’s selling points. Use garland to show off an impressive loft or place holiday candles on an elegant fireplace mantle.

4. Liven up your exterior.

 The winter season can be unkind to your yard. Barren bushes and trees can leave the outside looking a bit drab. And if you really hate cold conditions, you may be leaving some minor outdoor repairs until warmer months. Well, your home’s exterior is the buyer’s first impression of your home. Make it a good one by enhancing your home’s curb appeal. If there are minor things you can fix, like a broken shutter, which can easily improve the home’s exterior, do them.  And while you can’t make your trees grow their leaves back, you can add some decorative lights and even some festive potted plants, like poinsettias, to your yard that can greatly improve the appeal of your home.

5. Use the emotions of the season. 

Stage your home to evoke the same warm holiday feelings that you have with your own family.Help them imagine making their own cherished memories right there. Make sure the fireplace is calmly flickering in the living room. Place a throw blanket on the couch and put some soft traditional holiday music on the stereo. Let them imagine themselves snuggled in that blanket enjoying the fire and relaxing. Make sure the dining room table is set to help them envision entertaining holiday guests. Pies carefully placed on the kitchen counter can be a powerful holiday image as well. It’s these small touches that can create the emotional connection that other homes may not.

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