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How easy is it to build your own home?

If you have the time and money, building your own home is the only option that ensures the home is everything you want and need. Your imagination and your budget (and any rules and regulations the property must legally abide by) are your only limits. Unless you are buying all the tools and materials, donning a pair of carpenter’s overalls and a hardhat, and constructing it with your hands, building the home is a relatively easy and straightforward process if you seek out the proper guidance.

The steps to building your own home are:

Find the land

First, you need to find the plot of land you want. Speaking to a real estate agent who specializes in land purchases will help expedite the process. They will know the lots available that meet

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Forget Buying a Resale House, Build Your Own Today

Whether you’ve owned multiple homes or you’re ready to take the plunge with your starter home, the first thing you’ll need to determine is if you want to buy or build your house. While some people stumble upon their dream homes when house shopping, more often than not people find homes that are acceptable and then come up with a list of features they want to change. Sometimes, trying to remodel or renovate an existing home and outfit it with the features you want for your life can be a timely process. It’s more likely that new construction will truly be what gets you all the customization and amenities you’ve always wanted in your home.

When people work with a builder on new construction homes, they can specify every detail. Here are ten

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What to Know Before Buying Land in Maryland

Whether choosing a lot in a trendy new subdivision or an out-of-the-way patch of land to enjoy the countryside, there are important factors to consider when buying vacant land. Buying a vacant lot is a different--and sometimes more tedious experience-- than purchasing property with an existing home. However, if you understand what you’re getting into and the process involved, building your perfect home from scratch on your own beautiful piece of Maryland can be exhilarating as well.

The Lot

Size and shape are just two small factors when it comes to evaluating a lot. Where the lot is located in the state could make the buying experience a vastly different process than buying in another location.

Here are some things that could differ

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7 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Lot

Purchasing a good lot means leaving no stone unturned. There are many factors to consider beyond just the size and location. If the lot is in a planned subdivision, often times there is a builder already attached to the property and the steps to making a lot build-ready would be already taken care of. But if you’re looking for at a lot that’s older, outside of your town, or in an unfamiliar area, then consider the following questions before buying.  

1.) What is the condition of the lot?

This seems like a no-brainer, butthere are things that may not be so obvious that could prove costly later. Since you are likely buying a lot to build on, it pays to dig a bit deeper--literally. Checking below the surface may reveal things like old

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