Forget Buying a Resale House, Build Your Own Today

Thursday, December 10th, 2015 at 12:00pm.

Forget Buying a Resale House, Build Your Own Today

Whether you’ve owned multiple homes or you’re ready to take the plunge with your starter home, the first thing you’ll need to determine is if you want to buy or build your house. While some people stumble upon their dream homes when house shopping, more often than not people find homes that are acceptable and then come up with a list of features they want to change. Sometimes, trying to remodel or renovate an existing home and outfit it with the features you want for your life can be a timely process. It’s more likely that new construction will truly be what gets you all the customization and amenities you’ve always wanted in your home.

When people work with a builder on new construction homes, they can specify every detail. Here are ten things you can build to your specifications that will justify new construction rather than buying a resale home:

 1. Storage space

You will always need more storage space than you think you do. As time goes on, you’ll acquire more items for your new space or your expanding family. With some foresight, your new construction home won’t leave you constricted. Determine how much storage space you currently have in your living space and increase it by at least 20 percent.

2. Spacious garage

With new construction, you can account for a growing number of automobiles. Teenagers eventually want to drive. If you have a large family, you could have a real fleet on your hands. New construction can ensure you build enough garage space to accommodate two, three, or however many cars you can see parked daily at your home and even leave the driveway free for guests.

3. More windows

Installing windows where no openings exist is an extremely expensive undertaking. When you choose new construction you can be sure that the home you are building has enough windows built in to accommodate how you would like the light to flow into each room.

4. His and her sinks

It’s great bumping heads with your spouse while flossing, right? No matter how much you love your spouse, you probably won’t love sharing sink space with them. You can opt for his and hers double sinks when you choose building your home over buying.

5. Enclosed toilet

No matter how spacious and luxurious your bathroom, it’s hard to make a toilet look like anything but, well, a toilet. With new construction, you can choose to enclose the toilet for both privacy and aesthetics.

6. Facing the sun or away

While not always an option. When it is, getting to decide whether your home faces North or South can have dramatic effects on your lifestyle. Typically, south-facing homes will get more sunlight throughout the day and will stay warmer. In the hot months, this could definitely lead to higher energy costs but may allow for more natural light and warmth during the winter. A north facing home tends to get sunlight only at the back of the house and stays both darker and cooler.

7. Larger laundry room

While nobody actually likes doing laundry, it does become a little better when the laundry room is spacious with ample room for storage, ironing and folding. All too often, older homes have narrow walk-in closets to hold the washer and dryer, making for a clumsy, cramped experience.

8. Outdoor kitchen

As far as more luxurious amenities go, outdoor kitchens are at the top of the list. If installed on an older home, running the proper power and water lines to the kitchen area can be very difficult. With new construction, this can be just part of the construction process and a not so costly addition.

9. Mudroom

Never yell for your kids to take their shoes off again! A mudroom is the perfect barrier between outdoors and indoors. With new construction you can make sure muddy, wet, outdoor gear never enters the clean, dry, indoors.

10. Electrical outlets

Like windows, additional outlets are much cheaper to add during new construction than adding to an existing home because the walls won’t be torn into and patched up. Plus, wiring won’t need to be spliced and re-run. Make sure your items are always plugged in and within reach when you customize your outlets in a new construction home.

Find a New Construction Home in Maryland Today

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