Is a New Home the Perfect Holiday Gift?

Tuesday, December 22nd, 2015 at 12:00pm.

Is a New Home the Perfect Holiday Gift?

Forget Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and the last-minute scramble for the right gifts for each member of your family; the perfect gift for the entire family could be right down the street. What’s that gift, you ask? Well, it could just be your new home.

Over time, we’ve all accumulated more and more holiday bric-a-brac that is hard to throw away due to the sentimental value it holds. However, all the accumulated wreaths, strings of lights, candy bowls, festive candles, mini winter villages, light-up statuettes, holiday trees and more can make the house seem a bit smaller and more cramped each year. Holiday decorating, while helping to enhance the warm feelings and nostalgia of the season, can make it apparent that your family may have outgrown the home.

Here are some reasons why a new home can be the perfect holiday gift:

Negotiable Real Estate Prices around the Holidays

The real estate market slows down during the holiday season. Many home sellers are traveling or entertaining guests at this time and remove their homes from listings. While this might sound like a bad thing, it can work to your advantage.  Sellers who do opt to leave their homes on the market during the holidays tend to be more eager to sell, which makes it the perfect time to make a low-end offer. Since most buyers are also busy with the holidays as well, your offer will not have to compete with as many other offers as it would in the spring and summer. 

Affordable Home Furnishings

At the end of the year, almost every store has a year-end blowout sale to make room for next year’s stock.Chances are, your favorite store for home furnishings is having one too. So, if you have an offer on a home accepted during the holidays, you are in luck, because the new space can be filled with great furniture and appliances at a discount. 

More Time to Focus on Home Buying

As kids,we all remember the excruciating final hour of school before winter break, and then the joy of bursting from the school with two weeks of freedom, family and holidays. As adults, many of us save our vacation days for the holiday season and burst forth from the office with similar feelings inside. Some offices even close during the final week of the year as business slows to a crawl.  This time off could be the perfect chance to move to a new home without anyone in the family missing school or workdays.

Starting New Holiday Traditions

Holiday time is a time for family bonding and creating lasting traditions, and this will help you and your family, settle into the new home immediately. Asking each other what traditions you would like to begin and where each family member wants to put their favorite decoration, will help everyone feel like this new home is their own. This can promote togetherness and solidify a family unit, which could be the real gift when it comes to buying a new home during the holidays.

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