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5 Things I Love About My Home- Featuring 1812 Keymar Road, Edgewater, MD

We interviewed Ryan Mullins and Marisa Erdman to find out what they love about their home, and why they think someone else will enjoy living in the spectacular property. Here is what they said:

1. What is your favorite room to spend time in and why?

The sunroom / family room is by far our absolute favorite room! It is spacious, comfortable and the sun pours in creating a warm, inviting space to relax in. In the fall, we love to enjoy a nice glass of wine while the wood stove crackles in the corner.  It offers easy access to the kitchen and dining areas for when we entertain family and friends. 

2. What do you love about your neighborhood?

Our community offers an easy commute to the city with all the quiet charm of the suburbs. We love

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The Fed Raised Interest Rates in December: What Does that Mean for Me in the Year Ahead?

In December 2015, the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) decided to raise interest rates for the first time in seven years. This freeze in interest rates was seen as necessary in response to the worst recession since The Great Depression. But now the economy is trending upward, and the Fed is seeking a return to normalcy. The increase they have proposed is .25% – for the first of the increases. That’s right, only the first. Some economists are predicting the Fed will approve up to four increases in 2016 alone. While .25% may not seem like much, over the course of a 30-year mortgage, it adds up to a significant chunk of change.

For example, a 30-year $200,000 mortgage at 4.5% interest will bring with it monthly payments of $1,013. Increase

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Is it smart to sell my home on my own?

When selling your home, you have the option of doing it on your own. It’s your home and you’ve poured years of labor and love into it. You know all of its little quirks and charms, so why would you need to count on a real estate agent, someone who has never stepped foot into your home, to help you sell it?  The answer is in that very same question. A real estate agent doesn’t have the intimate knowledge and years of fond memories that you do--nobody will. And while they understand your warm feelings, they will leave emotions that can sometimes drag out a sale out of the process.  They will use hard market data and years of home selling experience to get you the best and most realistic closing price for your home. Not to mention how much easier

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Why is My Home Appraisal Lower Than I Estimated?

So you did all you could to get your home prepped and ready for the appraiser. You painted the walls, refinished the floors, fixed the leaky plumbing and crossed your fingers when the appraiser arrived. Then, your nightmare is realized – your appraisal is lower than you expected for a home like yours in your neighborhood. So how did this happen? There are two common culprits when it low appraisals.

Reasons for a Low Appraisal

There are two main reasons why an appraisal may come in lower than your expectations. When you find yourself in this situation, be sure to consider that:

  • Appraisers are more cautious than they have ever been. The housing market is in full recovery and that is in part due to more stringent appraisals. Just a few
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20 Reasons Why Maryland is an Amazing Place to Live

Maryland’s important place in American history, its diverse geography, and large population make it one of the most unique places in the country to live. But don’t just take it from us—here’s 20 of the best reasons why Maryland is an amazing place to call home!

1.) It is one of the original American colonies. George Calvert received a royal charter for the land that would later become Maryland from King Charles I. George’s son, Cecil Calvert, would then found the Maryland colony in 1632, one of the original 13 American colonies. He named it after Henrietta Maria, the wife of the king.

2.) It has numerous historic sites for history buffs. Maryland’s long ties to America’s past are present throughout the state with something for those

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Is It Cheaper to Buy a House In the New Year?

Once the glitzy New Year’s parties are over and 2016 has officially begun, it’s time to put those resolutions for a fresh start into effect. If this is the year you’ve determined to be the one where you finally buy that new home, don’t hesitate because the beginning of the year is an excellent time to buy.

Homes are cheaper in the winter months.

Less people are buying and selling homes during the colder months, so homes on the market in the winter tend to be priced lower. And with less competition for homes, buyers are in a more favorable position for negotiations. Those homes that remain on the market in the winter commonly belong to sellers who are looking for a quick sale. Less homes on the market, means less options, but buyers who

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Can I Afford A Second Home?

If you are already a happy homeowner, there may be a variety of reasons that you feel you’re ready to own a second home. Maybe you want another dwelling as an income property, a vacation home, a retirement residence, or you simply want to make an investment in your future. Whatever your reasons, it’s important to evaluate your financial situation thoroughly to determine if you can truly afford a second home and still maintain your normal lifestyle. If owning a second home will put undue financial stress on you, it may not be the right choice at this time. But if it won’t, it can lead to an exciting new chapter in your life.

Below are the top five ways to determine if you have enough money to afford a second home:

1.) Do you have enough

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Military Relocation: How to Find a New Home Quickly

Military relocation can happen suddenly and within a strict timetable. This why as a member of the armed forces, you need experienced real estate agents who know how to find a home that meets your family’s requirements at the right price and make sure the transaction is quick and painless. A real estate agent with knowledge of government reimbursed travel allowances and the basics of VA financing will be of utmost importance to ensure you take full advantage of all that is offered to you due to your military service.

Here are some tips on making your relocation quick and easy:

Find out the reimbursements you are eligible for.
In many cases, the military will cover a number of your relocation expenses. Some of these include: transportation,

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