Military Relocation: How to Find a New Home Quickly

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016 at 12:00pm.

Military Relocation: How to Find a New Home Quickly

Military relocation can happen suddenly and within a strict timetable. This why as a member of the armed forces, you need experienced real estate agents who know how to find a home that meets your family’s requirements at the right price and make sure the transaction is quick and painless. A real estate agent with knowledge of government reimbursed travel allowances and the basics of VA financing will be of utmost importance to ensure you take full advantage of all that is offered to you due to your military service.

Here are some tips on making your relocation quick and easy:

Find out the reimbursements you are eligible for.
In many cases, the military will cover a number of your relocation expenses. Some of these include: transportation, travel per diem, household goods shipment and temporary lodging reimbursement. Do your due diligence and you could really save. The Northrop Team of Long & Foster offer a Smart Move program that offers reimbursements based on your home’s sale price. Contact us today to learn more.

Budget your money.

Put together a spreadsheet detailing all the costs of the move. Include professional movers, real estate agent, shipping costs, temporary housing, move-in costs like food, cleaning supplies and utility connection fees. Then subtract the amount the military will reimburse you for. The remainder is the amount you should begin saving before the move.

Insure your belongings

Look into any insurance offered by the movers who will be relocating your belongings and whether or not your current auto insurance will cover a vehicle if you are also shipping a car or truck. A lifetime of possessions are being moved and you are putting your trust into others to ensure their safe arrival. Without insurance, you could be replacing lost or damaged items – cutting into the budget you carefully planned ahead of time and getting the move off to a rocky start.

Choose a trusted military relocation realtor

Go with a real estate agent you trust both when in the location you are leaving as well as where you are heading.If you own the home you are leaving behind, you’ll need to make sure you go with a real estate agent that will be communicative and has your best interests in mind. You may need to be settled into your new home and reporting to your new base before the sale of your old home can take place.Always read reviews, ask for recommendations and choose an agent with experience helping military personnel. Military personnel have access to types of financing and assistance that civilians may not. It may be a good idea to go with a real estate agent who holds a Military Relocation Professional (MRP) certification to ensure the realtor is fully educated about working with military families.

To find a truly trustworthy real estate agent, you can always rely on the experts at Creig Northrop Team! Learn more about our military relocation programs today

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