June 2015

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Northrop Team sales surpassed a half-billion dollars in 2014

CLARKSVILLE, Md.—The Creig Northrop Team of Long & Foster Real Estate was ranked first in Maryland and fourth overall in the nation based on sales volume and transaction sides according to REAL Trends, which provides statistical analysis for the residential real estate industry. The Northrop Team achieved a sales volume of $510,514,385 and completed 1,090 transaction sides in 2014.

“Being recognized as a leader in the REAL Trends rankings comes only with a steadfast dedication to serving local buyers and sellers,” said Creig Northrop, president of The Northrop Team. “We are proud of our ranking and we will continue to bring our customers the unparalleled service, expertise and client-first

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Should you buy a bigger home for your growing family?

“Congratulations! It’s a …” whether it’s a boy a girl, one thing is for certain – your family just got a little bigger, which means your apartment or home just got a lot smaller, especially if this isn’t your first child. When the joy of a new addition settles down, you may consider upgrading to a larger home to better accommodate your growing family.

If you’re ready to upgrade to a new home that better fits your growing family, be sure you:

Choose a neighborhood that is safe for kids.

First, check the safety of the neighborhood that you’re looking for your next home. Trulia.com a great tool which overlays crime information directly onto the map of any neighborhood. You can visit Neighborhood Scout or Family Watchdog for more

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Benefits of a Realtor When Buying a New Construction Home

Buying a home--whether resale or new construction--can be a complicated process with layers upon layers of laws, regulations, bank dealings, inspections and more. Realtors require education and training just to be able to understand the process fully and become licensed. They are essentially given all the tools needed to firmly negotiate with a builder. Realtors can be one of your best assets in purchasing a newly built home.

Here are some common misconceptions about the new construction process:

“But I can make the deal myself.”

If you owned a large business, would you do your own taxes? If you were in trouble with the law, would you be your own attorney? You CAN do both of those things,but without a deep understanding of the legal

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Why Now is the Right Time to Buy Your Dream Home

The dream home. For some, it is a two-story traditional style with white trim, white picket fence, and a swing swaying from a lush, green tree in the front yard. For others, it is a contemporary style with intriguing angles, bold natural light cascading in, and a state-of-the-art remote controlled fireplace. You’ve probably driven by the dream house that makes you swoon. And if it’s for sale, what’s stopping you from buying it? The time to grab your dream home is now. The current market has the right mix of factors making ideal buying conditions--but it won’t last long.  

Your dream home is affordable.

The housing market is in full recovery mode, and buyers who were hesitant to purchase a home because of market instability are now jumping

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7 Things to Consider When Purchasing a Lot

Purchasing a good lot means leaving no stone unturned. There are many factors to consider beyond just the size and location. If the lot is in a planned subdivision, often times there is a builder already attached to the property and the steps to making a lot build-ready would be already taken care of. But if you’re looking for at a lot that’s older, outside of your town, or in an unfamiliar area, then consider the following questions before buying.  

1.) What is the condition of the lot?

This seems like a no-brainer, butthere are things that may not be so obvious that could prove costly later. Since you are likely buying a lot to build on, it pays to dig a bit deeper--literally. Checking below the surface may reveal things like old

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How Can a New Construction Home Help Save on Energy?

New construction homes are built to meet or exceed the latest energy codes. They use new, energy-efficient materials together with modern design and construction practices that ensure greatly reduced energy use when compared to older homes. Many builders now use ENERGY STAR certified products, and ENERGY STAR certified homes have shown up to 30% in yearly energy savings. Let’s look closer at just how new construction homes save energy.


When building a new home, your builder can insulate from scratch, using highly efficient spray foam insulation. Not only do newer spray foam insulation products have exceptional R-values (an industry rating for thermal resistance), but they fully cover surfaces and form tight seals in corners and

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