How Can a New Construction Home Help Save on Energy?

Monday, June 1st, 2015 at 12:00pm.

How Can a New Construction Home Help Save on Energy?

New construction homes are built to meet or exceed the latest energy codes. They use new, energy-efficient materials together with modern design and construction practices that ensure greatly reduced energy use when compared to older homes. Many builders now use ENERGY STAR certified products, and ENERGY STAR certified homes have shown up to 30% in yearly energy savings. Let’s look closer at just how new construction homes save energy.


When building a new home, your builder can insulate from scratch, using highly efficient spray foam insulation. Not only do newer spray foam insulation products have exceptional R-values (an industry rating for thermal resistance), but they fully cover surfaces and form tight seals in corners and seams. This helps to keep heat from seeping in and out of rooms.


A new home can be outfitted with the latest in energy-efficient windows. These windows usually have multiple panes covered with low-e coating and filled with heat-blocking gases, like argon. Plus, they are well-built to form tight seals when closed, effectively keeping heat where you want it.


Like with windows, energy-efficient doors are another way new construction keeps energy costs down. When you impede the movement of heat into and out of the home, your A/C unit doesn’t have to run as often to keep your home at the comfortable temperature you want.


New construction homes are usually outfitted with ENERGY STAR rated appliances, such as your refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher and water heater. These products are proven to run more efficiently, using less power than older appliances and significantly reduces energy costs.


Modern builders understand the importance the roof plays in keeping the home cooler and will use reflective tiles and paint products to ensure heat is reflected away from the home rather than absorbed into it. These “cool roofs” can be up to 50% lower in temperature than roofs on older homes without energy-efficient materials.

Energy-efficient materials and construction dedicated to reducing drafts and heat transfer are part of the modern, whole-house system approach to building. When all components in a new home work together towards reducing energy waste, substantial savings are there for homeowners to enjoy.

ENERGY STAR certified builders in your area can be located at here. Also, remember to ask your real estate agent or home loan provider about lower mortgage rates for ENERGY STAR rated new construction homes.

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