Why a Newly Constructed Home is a Good Investment

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016 at 12:00pm.

Why a newly constructed home is a good investment

A new construction home is often preferred by home buyers because it provides feelings of a fresh, new start. It’s a clean slate on which to begin writing the next chapter of your life. Aside from the emotional appeal, there are plenty of rational advantages to buying a newly constructed home that makes it an excellent investment.

Here are a few reasons why choosing a new construction is a sound idea:

Many customizable features

From choosing the lot, down to the little things like picking the number of ceiling fans, there are a number of customizable features in new construction homes. Most builders offer a set number of floorplans to ensure the houses in the neighborhood share a similar exterior aesthetic, but these floorplans often serve as starting points when it comes to individual features inside. Builders want to put you in the home of your dreams just as much as you want to live in it, so they offer options for flooring, countertops, cabinets, and may even let you decide on additional bathrooms or closets. Unlike with an existing home, what you see is not what you get. You can get all the features you can afford, adding more and more value along the way.

Increased energy-efficiency

Building codes get more and more stringent with each update, and this means homes are being built tighter and more insulated than they ever have before. Double and triple-paned windows and high-efficiency insulated doors have become the standard in new home construction, bringing with it lower energy costs.Some older homes struggle to keep heat from entering and escaping, which makes heating and cooling systems run longer to maintain those cozy temperatures. The built-in energy-efficiency of a new home can save homeowner thousands of dollars in the long term.

Better appliances

 Energy-efficiency doesn’t end with windows and doors; new cutting-edge appliances are nearly always “green” with power-saving features that lower utility costs. When all of your appliances are new - stoves, refrigerators, washing machines, dryers, water heaters – the savings can add up. Not to mention the maintenance savings—since the appliances are new, they aren’t likely to break down anytime soon.

Less maintenance

It’s not just the new appliances that will require little to no maintenance for a while, but the entire house as well. New homes tend to use modern materials that are specially manufactured to be stronger and more long-lasting. Instead of traditional wood, exteriors on new houses are often covered in composite material, which is highly weather resistant. Plus, you avoid the costs of repairing damaged floors or replacing carpets that usually comes with buying an older home.

Everything is under warranty

From the roof to the dishwasher, just about every part of a new home begins its life under warranty. Everything is new, so the likelihood of things going wrong are slim, but in the event something breaks, cracks, or leaks, the cost is covered. Many of the products may even come with extended warranties. With older homes you are left with the bill when old pipes burst or roofs leak, so this is a definite plus that makes a new home a great investment.

Added safety

It’s obvious that a new home will be more structurally sound than an older one. But what you may not realize are the additional safety features a new house includes for its inhabitants. To protect from fire, most modern building materials, insulation, and even carpet have fire retardants added. Hard-wired smoke detectors instead of the old battery-powered ones are also now the norm in new homes. New windows and doors also tend to be more secure to impede intruders. Many builders will even install a home security system for you during the construction process. This investment may be the most important of all because it’s an investment in the well-being and safety of your family.

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