Relocating your life can bring up a lot of questions, but it can also be exciting and even enjoyable. Relocation usually happens because of your occupation, often through a military, government, or corporate job. We’re here to ease the stress of relocation and make the move and sale of your home hassle-free. Here you’ll find out how to sell your home quickly and make your transition as smooth as possible.

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How to quickly find a home you love before you relocate

Relocating for a job, while an exciting career opportunity, also means uprooting your entire life and replanting it elsewhere on a time crunch. It can seem like a whirlwind between selling an existing home, packing up belongings, getting children enrolled in new schools, and tying up all the loose ends of your old life while searching for and closing on a new home that could be hundreds or thousands of miles away. So, amongst all you have to do in a limited amount of time, how do you find a home you will love and are not just settling for – and do it quickly?

Find a real estate agent in the area

You can do all the internet searches you want, but only a real estate agent based in the city you are moving to truly understands the local

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Military Relocation: How to Find a New Home Quickly

Military relocation can happen suddenly and within a strict timetable. This why as a member of the armed forces, you need experienced real estate agents who know how to find a home that meets your family’s requirements at the right price and make sure the transaction is quick and painless. A real estate agent with knowledge of government reimbursed travel allowances and the basics of VA financing will be of utmost importance to ensure you take full advantage of all that is offered to you due to your military service.

Here are some tips on making your relocation quick and easy:

Find out the reimbursements you are eligible for.
In many cases, the military will cover a number of your relocation expenses. Some of these include: transportation,

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The Corporate Relocation Moving Guide

Our careers can take us down unexpected paths. Sometimes that can include relocating to a new city. And while changing cities can be very exciting, the transition from your old life into your new one can be quite an undertaking. Finding a new home, overseeing the safe transport of your belongings, enrolling kids in a new school and acclimating to a new work environment can be a lot for anyone. But it certainly doesn’t have to be difficult. With some careful planning, relocating can be made less complicated. 

Here are some guidelines to help make the relocation to a new city easier:

Find out everything your company offers to relocating employees.

Many companies have resources available for employees that need to relocate for their job.

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Hidden expenses when relocating for work

Hidden expenses can send the high of relocating for an exciting new job crashing back down to reality. Small but unforeseen fees in every phase of the move can quickly add up, causing significant, unplanned strain on your bank account. With a little research, you can better understand all the costs associated with your relocation, helping you to properly budget and avoid unnecessary stress.  

What is involved in a relocation?

With moving, timing is everything. The time given for a relocation usually occurs in a tight window.  This can lead to a gap in time between selling your old home and relocating to your new one, and certainly can effect your wallet. A relocation is also usually a little different than a simple move because there is

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Time is running out for active veterans who served on an official, extended duty service outside of the United States for at least 90 days during the period of December 1st 2008 through May 1st 2010. Members who qualify will be granted an extension on the Home Buyer Tax Credit that expired September 31, 2010. In other words, any active veterans who served overseas for over 90 days between  the aforementioned dates can qualify for the same home buyer tax if they are in contract to purchase by April 30th, 2011 and complete the transaction by June 30th, 2011. Interested in more information? Contact our Director of Government Relocation today.  

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