Reasons to Upgrade to a Bigger Home

Wednesday, March 25th, 2015 at 12:00pm.

Reasons to upgrade to a bigger home

When most of us think about our dream home, it is rarely a modest two bedroom/two bathroom with a single car garage and two previous owners. It’s natural for us to dream big, and rarely do we dream bigger than when thinking about our perfect home. We imagine brand new, breathtaking domiciles with lavish guest rooms, home offices, theater rooms, vaulted ceilings, large balconies, three-car garages, mother-in-law suites, wrap-around porches, swimming pools, acres of expertly landscaped property – this list could go on and on. Some have the wherewithal to upgrade into a large home simply because they want to. And to those we say congratulations, let us help you find it!  However, many of us upgrade to a bigger home because we need it.  

According to the NAHB’s What Home Buyers Really Want report, 65% of buyers say their most influential characteristic when buying a home is “living space and number of rooms that meet their needs.” For most of us, our starter home is small, modest and, at first, seems just right for a single person or newlyweds to begin a life. But, how quickly life can change. If you are wondering whether or not you’ve outgrown your home, consider the following:

Expanding Family

Children begin small and cute, sleeping in their cribs not taking up much space at all. Inevitably, they grow and occupy the bathroom in the morning, use the dining room table for homework, gobble up garage space for their bicycle, and so on. Multiply the children and things can really get cramped quickly. Besides children, an aging parent may come to stay in your home, taking up a room. And let’s not forget our adopted furry family members and the space they need. If you are constantly bumping into bodies, competing for counter space, and searching for a place to relax, comfort and peace of mind are always great reasons to upgrade to something bigger.  

Home Business

Running a business from home is a lifelong goal for many people. But most of us wouldn’t want to put our hard-fought company in jeopardy by reaching in our briefcase for the latest proposal and pulling out our child’s latest crayon creation instead. While the surroundings at home may be cozy and casual, business must still be kept organized and professional. If your office doubles as a living room or bedroom, important items can easily become lost, thrown away, or irreparably damaged by others. If you aren’t finding adequate space to organize and properly conduct your home business, it may be time to upgrade. 


Having people over is a joy for most people – those with the space for it. Whether it is a quiet evening catching up with an old friend or a wild noontime toddler birthday party, sometimes we’d like to do these in the comfort of our own home. After all, it is these get-togethers that form warm memories and tighten the bonds between family and friends. If only a handful of friends makes your home feel suddenly stuffy or you find yourself deferring to other friends and family members with bigger homes when it comes to holiday parties, you may want to upgrade and get more out of your home experience. We all deserve to be proud of and share the home we live in with those we care about. 

If you find the space in your house disappearing and hindering you from the things you want or need to do, you just may have outgrown your home. Contact a real estate agent who can give you an accurate market analysis to determine the value of your current home, then carefully evaluate the costs of your larger home to ensure it not only fits your family, but your budget too. Click here to browse our current home listings!

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