Interior Design Trends: Interview With Kippy Day– A Creative & Original Stager - By Ray Bularz

Friday, October 16th, 2020 at 8:00am.

October 16, 2020

Today, Northrop Realty showcases an interview with Kippy Day, a top creator whose staging and interior design ideas are always full of creativity and originality. It is impossible not to be inspired by Kippy and the energy she brings to her work. 

We love Kippy Day’s work, and she is a part of our inspirational world because of her ability to unite interior space and color in an almost magical way, always with a mysterious force of creativity guiding her every move. In this exclusive interview, she talked about her work in staging and interior design along with design trends in 2020 and 2021.

Kippy has been transforming interiors into amazing spaces for 23 years in the real estate industry as a certified Accredited Staging Professional®. With her distinctive style synonymous with sophistication, simplicity, and noteworthy accessories or a statement piece, Kippy has the experience and vision to turn spaces that are not as aesthetically pleasing into a masterstroke with her attention to detail. Her design strengths have earned her a glowing reputation amongst her peers and, most importantly, her clients.  

What does it mean to be ASP® certified? 

It means you are an Accredited Staging Professional®: assisting sellers’ agents providing valuable services that ensure homes sell faster and, in most cases, for a higher price. Having accreditation is the highest form of training in the staging business. 

How and why did you get into interior design and staging?

Early on, I was a sales agent and found myself gravitating toward working with sellers rather than buyers, which ultimately lead me to help sellers get their homes ready for the market. It was during that time that I discovered how transforming my seller’s space could earn them top dollar when selling their home. I have had the opportunity to work in other professions; however, staging homes and the real estate industry have always been my passion.

Years later, coming to work for Northrop Realty as a Home Marketing Consultant allowed me to focus on the craft of staging and having the ability to show the benefits of staged homes.  

Where do you find inspiration for design and or staging?

The easy answer would be to say everything, but my inspiration for design and staging comes from the ability to have the vision to see what “can be” every day. My creativity is fueled by travel, nature, generational styles, taking something old and making it new, the changing of the seasons, textures, visualizing different spaces, current trends, or it could be the most minuscule thing that can inspire me.

Who or what influences you when it comes to interior design and or staging?

I am a big fan of midcentury design, and I particularly love Frank Lloyd Wright. I also like rustic fused with contemporary. When having an artistic vision, one can find beauty in almost everything.

Frank Llyod Wright Building

How do you incorporate art into your staging design?

Taste in art is highly subjective and can be very polarizing. What might be incredible artwork, in your opinion, could be a serious turn-off to other people. On the contrary, work that you find abhorrent could be beloved by others. To me, staging design is an art within itself, but the artwork, when incorporated with furniture, accent pieces, color, shape, and style can complete the space.

Most people are shopping online for homes, so your home online presentation is important. If by adding artwork throughout primary spaces in the home makes the online presentation more appealing, then it will ultimately bring potential buyers through the door.

When I walk into a home, I mentally envision what it should look like and the angles the photographer will capture. I determine what furniture should stay and what should go. I imagine what other items could be brought in to enhance the space, possibly artwork, and decide if it needs a fresh coat of paint or a neutral color.

How do you approach your work and what do you find most challenging?

Textures and trends

I strive to maintain integrity, be accountable, considerate, passionate about my craft, courteous, kind, and I always put my clients first. Challenges can present themselves when you have a space that does not provide many options, but I have to find a way to bring my vision to the surface, which ultimately equates to a property selling for the highest price, which makes the client happy.

What colors inspire you?

Warm tones and neutrals soothe me, and it is okay to explore with color if you have a large space but for selling purposes, keep it neutral; however, if you have a smaller space, warm tones and neutrals will enhance the space. I am a stickler for white trim, borders, doors, and ceilings as it opens up space, whereas other colors can confine space.

Staycation Styled Room

What colors do you like and would recommend for a homeowner to paint the interior of their home?

Gray and beige hues would be my recommendation, specifically paint by Sherman-Williams® who every year let us in on the hottest paint colors. It’s not just about how color looks in a space, but how they make you feel. You want your home to feel like a retreat that I believe we are all craving. Here is a list of my favorite hues. Gray hues: First Star SW 7646; Agreeable Gray SW 7029; Pediment SW 7635; Repose Gray SW 7015; Silverplate SW 7649. Beige hues: Accessible Beige SW 7036; China Dol SW 7517; Naturel SW 7542; Divine White SW 6105; Pavilion Beige SW 7512.


What paint sheens would you recommend and in which rooms would you use your recommendations?

Most people think about color first and foremost, and the color you choose will set the tone and mood of a given space. However, once you’re finished sorting through color swatches and have found just the right hue to match your décor, you have another important element left to consider – the paint’s finish or sheen. Sheen is important for appearance and maintenance, and here are a few of my paint sheen recommendations to consider and where they function best.

Flat: Helps to hide surface blemishes: low traffic areas like ceilings, closets, primary bedrooms, garage, and formal rooms.

Eggshell: Hint of shine, work well in moderately used rooms like the dining room, hallways, family room, den, guest bedrooms.

Satin: Medium sheen; work well in high traffic areas like the living room, mudroom, hallways, kids’ room, entryway, and doors.

Semi-Gloss: Moderately high sheen; work well in high traffic and areas with possible moisture like the laundry room, bathrooms, kitchen cabinetry, and utility area.

Gloss: Highest sheen and durable; best for architectural purposes like trim windowsills woodwork, furniture, and doors.

In your opinion, what are the biggest home interior trends this year?

Let’s start with color. Although the Pantone color of the year, Classic Blue, embraces cool tones, earth tones and hues of gray are by far the biggest trend in 2020. Furniture and accessories that mimic natural elements of wood, plants, and metals offer an opportunity to create a calming environment, much like being outside. For many of us spending a lot of time indoors, this is a welcome feeling.

With households experiencing remote working and learning at home, multifunctional spaces have become one of the most relevant interior design trends 2020 has seen.

Staged Dining Room

What trends do you see happening for 2021?

There are plenty of reasons to look forward to 2021, especially when it comes to your home. If you are considering selling your home, I recommend you stay neutral and bring in color with furniture pieces, decorative items, and artwork that will help your home show better.

In 2021, home and interior design will continue to see rooms designed with more purpose and functionality, especially since we are working from home, and in some cases, creating a place for a staycation. Creating a multifunctional space can pair well with open transitional spaces.

Color-wise, gray hues will continue in 2021, with navy blue furniture pieces or accent pieces to bring purposeful color to the room. Light wood cabinetry pairs nicely with gray tones in the kitchen, and statement pieces, like modern rustic elements, black-accented light fixtures, or brushed gold, can create a nice theme throughout the home.

Staged Sitting Room

How do you stay inspired when it comes to interior design and staging?

I am inspired by the product that I produce and my passion to achieve the desired outcome. I strive to do the best that I can to serve our clients and our brand.

I have the advantage of going into different homes daily, and oftentimes I am inspired by homeowners along with the opportunity to utilize the existing design, architecture, décor, color, and landscaping of each home. I love being able to incorporate the bones that may already be in place and using them to complement the space rather than always going with what’s trending.

If you are selling your home, you can’t always paint everything gray because it’s the popular color of choice right now. Sellers need to consider their budget and what they already have and allow me to evaluate if it is their best option. As an ASP® staging professional, I can ultimately assist with making a space feel open and inviting, bringing to the forefront what works best for the entire house.

And finally, how do you take a break from design and staging?

Subconsciously, I am not sure I ever take a break because, with an artistic nature, my mind is always turning when I walk into a room. I am naturally thinking about how I would design this space, what would I do differently. When I consciously allow myself to take a break, I love being out in the sun, I love the beach, and I love jazz!

We hope you've enjoyed the exclusive interview with Kippy Day, Supervisor of our Home Marketing and Staging Department at Northrop Realty. Thank you, Kippy, you are an amazing person and an excellent interior and staging professional. 

Ray Bularz is the Chief Brand Officer with Northrop Realty and a contributing writer and editor.

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