How to stage your house for a quick sale

Thursday, March 10th, 2016 at 12:00pm.

How to stage your house for a quick sale

Two identical homes are next to each other. Same specs, same price, same “For Sale” sign out front but one sign has that glorious, red “SOLD” proudly slapped on it. So, why would the same home sell while the other languishes on the market? The difference could very likely be one important and sometimes overlooked part of home selling – staging. Putting effort into the careful and deliberate staging of a home to fully bring out its appeal for potential buyers. A properly staged home will maximize its selling points while also leaving a positive emotional impression. Good staging can truly connect a buyer to your home and result in a quick sale.

Staging techniques to help sell your home

Here are some of the techniques that professional stagers use to help sell homes fast:

De-clutter. Stand just inside the door of your home. Survey everything you see. Now get rid of half of it. This doesn’t mean throw it away, but store it away someplace. Clear the fireplace mantles and shelves of excessive picture frames and other items, especially things that may look old and worn. If there is an extra armchair squeezed into the living room, put it away. If your toaster, coffee maker, microwave, waffle maker and every other kitchen appliance is on the counter, put them away. Compress your dining table by taking out a leaf, or section, to make it smaller. It’s always in your best interest to make your home look as spacious as possible.

Mary Kate, one of our experienced stagers at the Northrop Team says, “When in doubt, take it out. Cluttered rooms distract a potential buyer from imagining their own belongings in the space and makes spaces look smaller.” 

De-personalize. Your potential buyer should be able to imagine themselves living in your home. So, calling attention to your personal memories and the way you live your life can distract them.It’s a good idea to keep large portraits off of walls. And, we all love our kids, but the macaroni art they made in kindergarten should probably be packed away while the home is on the market.If you’re a movie buff, and your home is full of movie posters or if you love birds, and your home is home is full of bird photos, you should remove them to keep your personal taste from overwhelming the buyer.You want a buyer concentrating on the home’s layout and charms, not your hobby.De-personalizing also extends to religious iconography.Many of us worship in different ways, but religion can be touchy and should be left out of the home buying process. Mary Kate says, “Take all references to your personal life down to keep your privacy and also to allow for the potential buyer to envision their personal photos and artwork on the walls.”

Clean and Brighten. Cleaning the home should go without saying, but deep cleaning has another effect – it eliminates smell! After years of living in the same home, our noses become immune to its unique smell. While neutral for us, your potential buyers who are walking through will immediately notice your home’s smell, and if it’s considered unpleasant, you may have lost your buyer’s attention already. If you have kids or pets, eliminating smell becomes even more significant.  After cleaning, it’s time to brighten. Paint dark walls lighter colors and replace dark, thick curtains with some that are lighter and more flowing. Brightening not also improves mood, but makes rooms look larger. Mary Kate says about color, “Shades of warm tan, honey, or soft gray give a fresh and clean look since they are neutral.. Neutral colors allow buyers to imagine their current furniture looking great in that space.”

Contact Northrop Team for Staging Assistance

These are just three of the staging secrets used by professional stagers. Just a little effort, and your home could be off the market in no time at all. Of course, if you want a professional stager’s help, contact Northrop Team for expert assistance in selling your home.

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