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Thursday, February 11th, 2016 at 12:00pm.

If you’re searching for a new home, you probably have a basic checklist of must-haves for your real estate agent to reference.

Features like a front porch, two-car garage, or a spacious backyard are typical for these types of checklists, but what about the special upgrades that will make the average home stand out from the rest?

Beyond the hardwood floors and granite countertops, there are several other unique and lavish features to consider – the type of luxuries that will make your new home your castle.

Luxury Features for Your Home

Among homebuyers looking for luxurious upgrades, here are 8 of the most popular:

Dual Ovens

If you’re lucky enough to have an excellent cook in your family, why not seek out the gourmet kitchen they deserve? From regular Sunday brunches with friends to Thanksgiving dinner for your family, a dual oven is sure to come in handy. Bake a turkey and some bread at the same time! Ensure that your dessert is ready exactly when the main meal is done. Or use one oven for keeping food warm, while you use the other for cooking. This isn't just about convenience, about having fantastic meals and entertaining with style. 

And if one of those ovens is a convection oven, cooking delicious meals for friends and family is going to be an even more enjoyable experience. 

Most dual ovens are stacked and wall-mounted, recessed into an available wall for ease of access and a sleek look. There are also side-by-side units available, although these are rarer. 

Combining the side-by-side ovens with gas burners on top lends a real sense of old-world style and elegance.

Check out these luxury brands for the top in ovens and ranges:

Gas Fireplace

The idea of a wood-burning fireplace may seem appealing at first but think about the effort that has to go into creating a fire, not to mention the clean-up required afterward. There are also safety concerns and additional time and costs associated with sourcing firewood. 

Furthermore, the large open hole in your house (also known as a chimney), can drastically reduce energy efficiency.

With a gas fireplace, a chimney often isn’t required (which means less maintenance), and with all the burning components behind sealed glass, clean-up is easy (if not non-existent). Gas-burning fireplaces are also more efficient at actually heating a home, and of course, you can start your cozy fire with just the push of a button. 

Gas fireplaces also come in an amazing array of styles, from those that emulate the classic wood-burning type, to some artful and even futuristic designs. In short, you can get a gas-burning fireplace that suits your luxurious, modern lifestyle. 

Gas fireplace types & features:

  • Direct vent - These fireplaces draw in air from the outside. This way you get the heat, but without losing the warm air in return, so it's more efficient. 
  • Power vent - Similar to direct vent, but the air is forced through using a powered system. 
  • Smart tech - The latest fireplaces can be controlled with remote or automatic devices to regulate heat, and turn off and on at different times. 
  • Blower - If you want to blast heat through your space, make sure the fireplace has a blower. 
  • Insert - These units are placed directly into existing fireplace locations. 

And of course, modern gas fireplaces can be installed outside as well. These make great options for outdoor firepits (now you can socialize without someone always getting a face full of smoke), and patio options as well. Simulated wood, glass, or stone bases can add to your overall aesthetic, and a backing of decorative tile or clear glass can either allow the fireplace to be its own centerpiece or let it show off the surrounding space and views.

Note that the best fireplace providers and installers will work with you to choose a custom design and placement that best fits the intended space. They can also customize the heat output to match. Gas fireplaces are immensely versatile, and you can incorporate them into almost any kind of wall. You can even have a transparent unit that allows you to see through the fire from one room to the next.

Heated Bathroom Floors

a luxury bathroomThink about how it feels stepping onto the cold tile floor of the bathroom post hot shower. It snaps you right out of the warm daydream and back into cold reality.

Heated floors are becoming more and more popular, especially as the Mid-Atlantic winters become more and more frigid. If you haven't felt a warm tile floor, then you don't know what you're missing!

Many heating systems even come with a timer, so you can expect warm floors as soon as you walk in to brush your teeth in the morning. But it’s not all about comfort with this luxury; heated floors can even help stem mold growth.

Underfloor heating is also energy efficient since you heat the room evenly. No cold spots also means no cranking the dial to get the desired effect. It also doesn't take up any extra space or make any noise, and there's nothing overly hot to burn anyone. 

Walk-in Steam Shower

Walk-in showers have long been the preference over traditional, and awkward, tub/shower combinations, and now steam showers are the must-have luxury for home bathrooms. Not only will a steam shower be that much more inviting in the morning or just as you’re winding down for bed, but steam can also help clear sinuses and open pores.

For anyone who uses a sauna, you know how invigorating a steam session can be. Step out of your steam shower and onto your heated floors, and you just may mistake your home bathroom for a spa.

A Theater Room

Whether it’s for watching football, enjoying family movie night, or having somewhere for the kids to hang with their friends on the weekend, a theater room will surely be one of the most popular spaces in your home.

When it comes to how much you spend, and additional features, for a home theater - the sky is the limit. Soundproofing, built-in cabinetry, and comfy reclining chairs all add to the luxurious allure of a home theater. 

The centerpiece of any set up will be the screen and the sound system. At the upper end of the scale, you can expect to find screens built into the wall, much larger than those you can pick up at the electronics store.

Even having a dedicated spare room that you can set up how you wish is a step towards luxury that many would be envious of. You'll want a space without any windows, thick walls, and not too many large flat surfaces. Avoid concrete and glass surfaces especially, and aim for soft muted colors.

Make sure not to overlook airflow, ventilation, or airconditioning. A theater space might need a dedicated system - one that keeps the area comfortable and doesn't contribute to ambient noise. 

But if you're willing to go all out, then you're likely hiring professionals to get the job done, and you can trust that they'll know what to do. 

A Wine Cellar

Inside a wine cellar with a lot of wineA space to store or display wine is a special feature that adds a feeling of luxury to any space, whether it’s in the kitchen, living room, or even a finished basement.

A wine cellar has a little bit more of an exclusive or private feel to it. An intimate setting that provides you a place to collect and properly store your wine, bringing some opulent feel to the house as a whole. You’ll make quite an impression on your friends by letting them pick a bottle out of your wine collection.

For an added touch, a room with a private tasting area, lounge, or bar is even better. 


These windows have long been a popular feature among homebuyers, bringing sumptuous warmth and sunlight to any space. Today’s modern versions are even more appealing, with features like solar-powered shades, insulated glass, and even rain sensors. 

Central Vacuum

Once a popular feature in many homes, this one fell by the wayside over the years. Now it's making a comeback!

A whole house vacuum can make keeping your floors and carpets clean easier than ever, giving you one less day-to-day headache. With a central vac, you won’t ever have to drag a vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs or through long hallways. Plus, central vacuums have far more suction power than traditional vacuums, and some of the newer models even have retractable hoses stored within the wall.

Finding The Perfect Luxury Home

Don’t be afraid to tell your real estate agent about the luxuries you want in your new home, or that you want the space to install them in one. With all the time you spend at home with your family, hosting friends and creating memories, looking for a house with a few additional luxuries is sure to be a worthwhile investment. The expert real estate agents at the Northrop Team have experience in finding the perfect luxury home for your needs.

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