7 Simple Tips To Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020 at 2:45pm.

Make your home’s first impression, impressive.

First impressions and curb appeal matter, especially when you are deciding to sell your home. If you want to get top dollar for your home when you list it, or you just want to spruce it up, you should make sure it looks its best from top to bottom.

Buyers know within the first 10 seconds whether or not they like the house. Even if the interiors are stunning, a house that lacks curb appeal will feel unwelcoming. Grabbing a potential buyer's attention will far more likely convert them into proud new owners.

You don’t need a big budget to create über-attractive curb appeal but what you do need to consider is color contrast, balance, and symmetry to add a little pizazz.

Sprucing up the outside of your house is eminently doable and quick-fix projects can be done in an afternoon and without professional help. But be careful—anything that requires electrical work, fencing, or major landscaping is best left to the experts.


1. Paint Your Front Door

Your front door is more than an entrance to your home. It’s a portal to the home’s personality and an inkling of what goes on inside. A beautiful front door color can completely refresh a home so embrace high-contrast hues. Of course, you can go with a tried-and-true classic like black or charcoal, or you could pick bold hues like bright red or yellow. Just remember to #ShareYourFrontDoor.

Red Door

2. Replace Your Mailbox, Update Hardware & Porch Fixtures

It’s all about the details, so if your mailbox looks like it’s going to topple over or is rusty, it’s time for a new one. Don’t underestimate the impact of little details like swapping out junky old street numbers for something fresh. It can be transformative and takes less time than you think! Be sure to spend a bit more on hardware because inexpensive fixtures may look cheap and show wear more quickly. It is important to make the entranceway to your home feel well-maintained and secure.

Green Mailbox

3. Add Attractive Planters & Give The Shrubs A Trim

One of the most common curb appeal killers, and easiest fixes, is to give your existing overgrown shrubbery a nice flat-top trim. Plants breathe life into space and make it feel lived-in and well cared for. Adding some flowers and greenery will help the home pop and look more inviting. Let prospective buyers imagine themselves owning a nicely groomed front yard which can get them to fall in love with the house.

Brown Front Door


4. Feel The Power Of A Pressure Wash

Grime, dirt, and possibly algae may have been overlooked by you when walking up to and around the outside of your home. A great way to clean up is to rent or borrow a pressure washer. These powerful little cleaning buddies will quickly remove dirt and refresh areas such as driveways, walkways, steps, patios, siding, and decks making them look new.


5. Welcome Light

More than just a beacon leading to the front door, exterior lighting helps define the look of a house. With planning and a small investment, you can put your home's best face forward. Drive down any residential street, and your eye is instantly drawn to the house with the inviting, well-lit front door. Done right, exterior entry lighting makes the most of what you've got, complementing your home's architecture, increasing security, and helping guests navigate their way to the front landing. What does it cost? There's an option for every budget but expect that quality lighting and fixtures cost more.

Exterior Lighting

6. Protect With New Bark

Mulch adds beauty, depth, dimension, color, and contrast to any landscape. Rather than leaving soil exposed and bare, try adding mulch to create a beautiful touch to spruce up your yard. Mulch is a protective barrier around your plants which helps prevent the spread of weeds and keeps the soil moist. Layer about two inches of fresh mulch onto your beds; it’ll break down throughout the year and provide vital organic fertilizer for your plants.


7. Porch Power & Outdoor Living Space

If you want an outdoor space as stylish as your indoor space, boost your chic space by creating front-and-center outdoor living areas that will make passers-by pause and prospective buyers swoon. Toss old and in need of repair outdoor furniture. If it is still in good shape, a quick coat of spray paint on front porch benches or outdoor seating will not only freshen it up but make it feel new again. Nothing says “we live a good life here” like a cozy seating area on a front porch or a patio space.


Outdoor Space

Make your home inviting with these 7 simple tips for curb-appeal-boosting value. Just make sure that any details meant to be inviting don't end up becoming visual distractions: Curb appeal is about different elements of the home adding up to create a street-view snapshot of domestic delight.


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