June 2016

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How to quickly find a home you love before you relocate

Relocating for a job, while an exciting career opportunity, also means uprooting your entire life and replanting it elsewhere on a time crunch. It can seem like a whirlwind between selling an existing home, packing up belongings, getting children enrolled in new schools, and tying up all the loose ends of your old life while searching for and closing on a new home that could be hundreds or thousands of miles away. So, amongst all you have to do in a limited amount of time, how do you find a home you will love and are not just settling for – and do it quickly?

Find a real estate agent in the area

You can do all the internet searches you want, but only a real estate agent based in the city you are moving to truly understands the local

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Why a newly constructed home is a good investment

A new construction home is often preferred by home buyers because it provides feelings of a fresh, new start. It’s a clean slate on which to begin writing the next chapter of your life. Aside from the emotional appeal, there are plenty of rational advantages to buying a newly constructed home that makes it an excellent investment.

Here are a few reasons why choosing a new construction is a sound idea:

Many customizable features

From choosing the lot, down to the little things like picking the number of ceiling fans, there are a number of customizable features in new construction homes. Most builders offer a set number of floorplans to ensure the houses in the neighborhood share a similar exterior aesthetic, but these floorplans often serve as

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