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Staging Your Home for a Quick Sale – Tips from a Pro

The difference between a home that lingers on the market for months and one that receives an offer the day it is listed could be something so simple, yet so vital – staging. While it is possible to sell a home “as is,” one that is deliberately staged can maximize its appeal and have the home off the market in no time.

Staging seems simple enough; clean up a bit, put a vase of flowers somewhere, fluff up the throw pillows, mow the grass, and you’re done! However, realtors and staging professionals have years of experience getting homes ready for showings. They know how to get inside the buyer’s mind and ensure they leave your home with a warm, positive feeling.

We asked Mary, one of our professional stagers at the Northrop Team, for some

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Maryland may not be known for the vast amount of beaches it has—but it should be! Maryland has a lot of beaches (some not very well known) with a lot to offer. If Ocean City is too far away, venture out to one of these other beaches, which may be closer to you. Some  are even close to Baltimore! Take a look at the top ten in the state:

1. Assateague Beach

This beach is located on Assateague Island, which is off the coast of Maryland and Virginia. The island has over 37 miles of sandy beach. There are a lot of fun things you can do here including: sightseeing cruises, kayaking, crabbing, bird watching, fishing and more. You can ride a bike and enjoy the wildlife along a nature trail. Enjoy ponies and wild horses at a distance from nearby

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For Sale by Owner? Why a Realtor is a Better Choice

When the time comes to sell your home, you might feel tempted to go the “for sale by owner” (FSBO) route. After all, who knows your home better than you? And how hard can it really be to convince someone that the home you’ve loved for the last several years will bring them equal happiness? However, while selling your house might seem like an easy way to avoid realtor costs and inch out every dollar of value on your home, you might want to think twice. A good realtor will more than earn their commission and you might be surprised by how much goes into selling a home beyond simply putting a sign in the front yard.

Here are several reasons to sell with a realtor: 

A realtor knows the market.

Realtors have access to the Multiple Listing

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