July 2009

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Residents, businesses and local leaders have been presented with an unprecedented opportunity to create a new neighborhood for White Flint– transforming the current hodge-podge of traffic, parking lots and urban sprawl – into a new “Smart Growth” hometown that is less dependent on automobiles and more oriented towards walking, biking and mass transit. The new White Flint can become a place where the community comes together, friends meet on walkable streets, bicyclists traverse new trails to work and play, and families enjoy vastly improved park space in safe, more environmentally friendly neighborhoods, where development is concentrated along the new Pike and away from existing homes. Think shops, outdoor cafes, bistros, and galleries along wide

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The Voice of the Triumphant Agent Creig Northrop’s team was the No. 5 team ranked by transaction sides in the LORE/Wall Street Journal 2009 Top 400.

LORE: What challenges do you face today?

Northrop: Certainly we face the challenges of the market and financing arenas. A huge challenge is getting people qualified because of stricter guidelines and the fact that appraisers are stricter on value. It’s challenging to get people confident in the economy and the housing market. Let’s face it; once they do decide to buy they have to jump through 1000 hoops for financing. We’re seeing that financing has opened up a little more. Banks went from giving everyone a loan to giving no one a loan and that was difficult. Now, we’re in the right direction, we’ve got

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