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Simple Tricks to Make Your Home Look More Attractive to Buyers

Selling your home takes a lot of effort but often what it takes to sell your home is just some small changes to increase the "curb appeal" to prospective buyer. Here are 5 easy tips to sprucing up your home that are cheaper than any major home renovations or repairs.

1) Freshen Up

Make the best first impression on buyers as they step up to the front door and make them instantly fall in love with your home.

  • Give the front door and garage doors a fresh coat of paint with an inviting color like a warm tan, honey or soft gray.
  • Clean (or replace and update) light fixtures if needed.
  • Update any distressed door knockers or door handles.
  • Add freshly potted plants as a great
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Selling your late parent's house? Hire a good real estate agent

The sale of your parent’s house usually falls to you at an emotional time. The loss of a parent is difficult for anyone, and when compounded by the added pressure of handling their estate, it can feel downright crippling. There are numerous legalities involved with the sale of an inherited home. During this emotionally trying time, you will need support-- not just from family, but from a knowledgeable real estate agent who is familiar with these unique types of sales.

When a parent passes away, the home continues to accrue mortgage payments, utility bills and property taxes, so you’ll want to come up with a plan and act on it quickly. 

Carefully go through your parent’s belongings 

This sounds like a no-brainer, but the key word here is

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Investing in the real estate market right now: Smart or Genius?

More than half a decade has passed since the housing crash in 2008, and curious homeowners and renters are ready to explore the market again. For homeowners who were unable to move because their houses lost value, or potential new home buyers who opted to rent rather than commit to an unstable market, we have good news – it’s an outstanding time to buy. We are in the midst of a mini housing boom! Right now interest rates remain low and the value of homes in many regions across the U.S. are headed to pre-2008 levels and higher. If you wait you could miss out.

Should you buy or rent your next home? 

The first question that usually comes up in conversations about buying in the current real estate market is: Do I want to buy now or just rent

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5 Secrets to Creating Functional Spaces that Sell

You’re searching for your dream home…day after day you look online and see the same boring, old spaces and nothing stands out to you.  THEN, you find it!  It looks spacious…it is tastefully decorated, painted with a color that makes you feel right at home and best of all— you can picture yourself living in this space! 

Creating a function to each space in your home is essential in the staging process.  Surprisingly, it is difficult for a lot of people to imagine a space other than how it is currently portrayed. 

1. Bring each room back to its original purpose

If you've been using the dining room as an office or a bedroom as a storage space, furnish the space in order to re-establish it’s original purpose. If you do not have anything on hand to

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Hidden expenses when relocating for work

Hidden expenses can send the high of relocating for an exciting new job crashing back down to reality. Small but unforeseen fees in every phase of the move can quickly add up, causing significant, unplanned strain on your bank account. With a little research, you can better understand all the costs associated with your relocation, helping you to properly budget and avoid unnecessary stress.  

What is involved in a relocation?

With moving, timing is everything. The time given for a relocation usually occurs in a tight window.  This can lead to a gap in time between selling your old home and relocating to your new one, and certainly can effect your wallet. A relocation is also usually a little different than a simple move because there is

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