Let Meg Durso be your real estate vehicle! She has 30 years of experience navigating all the twists and turns, having built and sold 12 homes herself with her husband Michael. She has racked up more real estate mileage with several house flips and coastal investment properties as well. Her journey has seen many changes in an always changing real estate industry.

Meg has assisted families to grease their wheels and maneuvers through first home purchases, up/downsizing, Military transfers, and relocating throughout Maryland since 2004. Her journey has taken her to the coastal areas of Delaware from Maryland. She is now licensed in both states - Delaware and Maryland. Meg is well versed in Central Maryland and Sussex County and will travel the distance to wherever your home dreams take you. Her background in marketing and statistical market analysis as well as numerous real estate designations arms her with the artillery to provide you with peace of mind. You hire Meg to protect and empower you.

From renting to buying, upsizing or downsizing, resale or new construction, Military or civilian, you’ll reap the benefits of her triumphs and pitfalls through her trusted connections with professional vendors across state lines. Her decades of knowledge in Real Estate Law and tactical negotiation skills are your GPS to your homeownership.

After 28 years in Central Maryland and Howard County, Meg and her husband Michael followed their own dream and moved with their dog Cooper to the coastal areas of Sussex County, DE. Moving away from their two daughters in Maryland and downsizing is very familiar to them. Meg has first-hand knowledge of the stress and has empathy for the entire selling, purchasing and moving process having just made the move herself. Now that she’s here, she’d never look back! The coastal areas of Delaware are her family's dream come true!

Strap on your seat belt, let's go for a ride! Meg, Your Tour Guide & Chauffeur, awaits... let's explore Central Maryland, Sussex County, Delaware, or the Coastal areas along the Chesapeake together!