7 Interesting Things About Maryland

Friday, July 22nd, 2016 at 12:00pm.

7 Interesting Things About Maryland

Maryland is a home to over 6 million people and was the 7th state to join the union way back in 1788. Maryland is considered “little America” because it is home to every type of environment – mountains, valleys, cities, suburbs, the great Chesapeake Bay and the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean! With such a rich history, incredible residents, and remarkable places to visit, we thought our beautiful home state deserved to have the spotlight. Some information about Maryland is well known, such as the state bird (the Oriole) and the state flower (the black eyed Susan), but we wanted to showcase some of the interesting and the downright strange things you might not know about the ole’ Line State. 

1. Home of the Six Pack
Whether you know the glowing Natty Boh on the Baltimore City skyline, or the beer distributed by the company, National Bohemian beer is famous for more reasons than you may think! The classic 6-pack was the original invention of the brewery. Because they knew that four beers was not enough, but eight would be too many, the company created the “6-pack” to perfectly quench its customer’s thirst. So, Natty Boh aficionado or not, you can thank the one-eyed man and his mustache for your half dozen beers!

2. Hometown Heroes
Hollywood seems so far away, but your favorite celebrities may be closer to you than you realize! Billie Holliday, David Hasselhoff, Kevin Durant, Spike Jonze, Mike Rowe, and John Walters were all born in Maryland. While they may not visit their home state often, it’s always nice to say you were born in the same state as a Bay Watch star, basketball pro, or famous director!

3. National Aquarium Olympic Contents
The National Aquarium finds its home in the inner harbor of Baltimore City. The museum sees over 1.3 million visitors annually, and the aquatic life inside does not go unappreciated. The Aquarium houses many species of aquatic animals, all held in tanks that hold more than 2.2 million gallons of water total – that’s enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool 3 times! Just don’t expect to see a Michael Phelps exhibit anytime soon. 

4. Rainy Day Innovation
Maryland weather holds its fair share of rain, so it is no surprise to know that Baltimore was the first city to sell umbrellas in the presumably wet year of 1828. It looks like Rihanna owes our state a big thank you.

5. The Maryland Motto
Maryland is known as the Old Line State and the Free State, but its motto holds a message far different than its harrowing nicknames. “Manly Actions, Womanly Words” is the official motto, and it can be simplified to mean “strong actions, gentle words”. While we exemplify the former, the latter is a little harder to find at your local Orioles and Ravens games. 

6. An Unlikely Sport
Maryland is home to an MLS baseball team, an NFL football team, and various college sports teams. One unlikely competition made it as the state sport, and while we don’t joust in our leisure time anymore, it remains the state sport of Maryland! While this antique athletic may not fill the stands anymore, the state’s official team sport of Lacrosse holds a large popularity, especially on college campuses. 

7. Spooky Slumber Party Classic
The bump in the night always asked for explanation, and begrudgingly or not, OUIJA boards were a late night sleepover classic. While many stories surround the supernatural board game, few know that OUIJA was invented in a Baltimore apartment by Elijah Bond and medium Helen Peters. When asked why it received its interesting title, Bond explained that the two asked the board what it should be called, and it spelled out the recognizable letters that have stuck ever since. Believers and doubters alike can thank Baltimore for this famous board game!

We hope these facts have enlightened you to the odd and incredible parts of Maryland you may not have known about. Whether it’s the Old Bay and crab cakes, Natty Boh beer, sailing in Annapolis, ball games in the city, or life in between, we have nothing but appreciation for our beautiful state and everyone in it!

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