November 2016

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How to Sell Your Home Around the Holidays

The real estate market slows down during the holiday season for obvious reasons. Both buyers and sellers are spending their year-end funds on the perfect gifts and cross-country trips to spend time with family and friends. Some sellers even remove their homes from listings during this time so their holiday plans won’t be disrupted. While these homes are off the market, it could be the perfect time to put yours on it.

Time doesn’t stand still even for the holidays, and there are always people in need of a home regardless of the traditions of the season. Buyers looking during the holiday season tend to be serious buyers on a deadline, and fewer homes for sale will make yours really stand out. Plus, there is never a better time to play up the

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What to Look for in Your First Home

Most first time home buyers are well aware that the process of searching for and buying a home can be an overwhelming experience, and all the decision making involved may be stressful. There is so much involved in the process, from researching mortgage companies and interest rates to thinking about the home’s location and square footage. And with family, friends and coworkers all doling out their advice, it can be a challenge to know whose advice to trust.

You can help ensure that you’re making choices that will best benefit you by keeping in mind some of the factors that most real estate experts view as top priority. These include:


You’ve probably heard the phrase, “Location, location, location” countless times already on your

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