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Domonique Link

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Domonique Link

Here at Northrop Realty, Domonique is living her dream job as a Creative and Marketing Project Manager. She enjoys creating captivating marketing campaigns, both in traditional media and digital. She loves helping real estate agents market themselves and their listings--real estate is a true passion of hers! Being a good problem solver helps her feel useful and fulfilled. In her spare time, she plays tea party with her two little girls, attempts to grow a garden, tries her hand at interior decorating and loves to cook meals from scratch. She has a degree in Communications and several certificates in Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization. She started her career in broadcast journalism as a reporter, then became a producer, and then made the switch to marketing within the real estate realm.

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12230 Clarksville Pike, Suite A, Clarksville, Maryland, 21029

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